Marriage, Couple, and Partner Therapy

Married couples or partners in love relationships typically come to me when facing:

  • Frequent fighting or conflict.
  • Loss of closeness or passion.
  • Recovery from:
    • addiction
    • trauma (physical or emotional)
    • major physical and/or mental illness.
  • Reconciling after infidelity.
  • Negotiating relationship boundaries when exploring beyond monogamy.
  • Blending families and co-parenting challenges after divorce.
  • Friction from ongoing career stress, especially in dangerous, high-stress careers such as:
    • fire
    • police
    • EMT
    • nursing
    • physician
    • military

Model and Approach

The primary model I employ for couples and partners is Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). This evidence-based model helps get to the bottom of underlying issues which create friction in relationships, so that conflicts can be addressed at their source, rather than going around and around in endless, unresolved cycles.